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Children doing sports can burn a lot of energy and will be hungry afterwards or even during the sporting activity. Unfortunately many of the food and drink choices on offer at sporting venues are high in fat and sugar and offer little nutritional value. Depending on how active they’ve been and the types of food they choose, they could even be eating and drinking more energy than they burn while actually doing their sport!

Like their sporting heroes, whilst engaging in sports children can learn valuable messages about the role food plays to perform at their best both in their sport and every day living. Regardless of if they are just starting out with lessons, playing sport to be with friends or in training to be an athelete, this is a valuable opportunity to develop lifelong lessons for their health in the future.

What can I do?

  • With younger children, be aware of establishing a habit of offering food treats before or after lessons as once started it can be hard to stop

  • Plan for a ‘starving’ child after sport by bringing a snack from home or buying a healthy snack from the canteen

  • If you aren’t happy with the selection of food made available, have a word with other parents and the manager and see if they will think about supplying some alternatives

  • Encourage older children and coaches to seek information about the role of diet and how it influences performance

  • Encourage healthy eating among the whole family to support your budding athlete

Parent Information SheetDownload the Food Choices for Fuel information brochure containnig food selection guidelines for children before, during and after participating in sports and recreational activities.

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