Healthy BBQ’s and Food Stalls at Sports Events

Food StandsChildren doing sports can burn a lot of energy and will be hungry afterwards or even during the sporting activity. Unfortunately many of the food and drink choices on offer at sporting events and venues are high in fat and sugar and offer little nutritional value. Like their sporting heroes, whilst engaging in sports children can learn valuable messages about the role food plays to perform at their best both in their sport and every day living. Regardless of if they are just attending your sports event with their family, participating in a school sports carnival or attending a major event for young atheletes, this is a valuable opportunity to support the development of lifelong lessons for their health in the future.

What can I do?

  • Support your young sports people and their families by offering and promoting healthy choices at BBQ’s and through food stalls
  • Encourage the development of a club or school healthy food policy by your committee or managers for everyone to follow at sports events
  • Be open to trial new ideas and keep records to pass on to future coordinators so all your efforts and experiences are not lost

Simple steps to support healthy choices at your next sports event


From the butcher ask for:

  • Lean mince for hamburger patties
  • Lean meats for kebabs
  • Reduced fat sausages

From the baker ask for:

  • Wholemeal and whole grain breads
  • A variety of breads (pita, rolls, mini versions for children)

From the green grocer ask for:

  • Fresh salad ingredients for a salad bar
  • Fresh and crunchy coleslaw ingredients
  • Fruit and vegetables suitable for kebabs or for marinating and grilling
  • Fresh seasonal fruit like watermelon in summer or oranges in winter

From the drinks supplier ask for:

  • Plain water to quench thirst
  • 100% juices in small portion sizes instead of fruit drinks
  • Reduced fat flavoured milks
  • Avoid the temptation to supply soft drinks and sports drinks not intended for consumption by children


Use a non stick or well seasoned cooking surface to prevent food sticking
Use the grill section of the BBQ to decrease the need for oil and improve presentation
If oil is needed use a little olive, canola or a blended vegetable oil
Keep cooked foods hot (eg. on the plate section of the BBQ or in covered trays)


Offer mini versions for children
Reduce the amount of meat and increase the vegetable portion
Leave butter and margarine off the bread or allow customers to add their own margarine
Allow customers to serve their own sauces, mustards, chutney or relish.

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